A robust and fruity wine

With a beautiful deep ruby-red color, Château Barbé has a fine nose of ripe fruit with overtones of liquorice and menthol. It is both powerful and velvety on the palate, with a long aftertaste.

A regular medal winner at wine competitions, it has a strong personality and a very good ageing potential. Younger vintages of Château Barbé pair well with game whereas older vintages shine with red meat, pork and cheeses. This wine is also surprisingly good with chocolate desserts.


Château Barbé 2010 : Gold  Medal – Concours de Bordeaux 2011

Château Barbé 2011 : Bronze Medal – Concours de Paris 2013

Château Barbé 2012 : Bronze Medal – Concours de Bordeaux 2014
Silver Medal – Concours Elle à Table 2015

Château Barbé 2013 : Silver Medal – Concours de Paris 2015

Silver Medal – Concours de Mâcon 2015

Château Barbé 2015 : Bronze MedalConcours de Bordeaux 2016

A lively wine with citrus notes

Replaced by Château La Carelle Agrume sec

Lively, aromatic and fruity, this wine is dominated by a characteristic Sauvignon Blanc citrus aroma.


It is blended with 20% Semillon, which gives volume and richness, and is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, fish and meat dishes. 

Château Barbé 2014 : Silver Medal – Concours ELLE à Table 2015

Bronze Medal – Mâcon 2015 

Château Barbé 2015 : Sélection CIVB 2016 – Stock Outil CIVB 2016

Château Barbé 2015 : Prize of Vinalies – Bronze Medal Vinalies Nationales 2016 

A sweet wine with hints of tropical fruit

The actual château was built after the French Revolution by the Dupeyrat family, who lived there for nearly a century. At the end of the 19th century, the vineyard was devastated by phylloxera and sold to our family, who renovated it and have kept it ever since.

Located on a plateau, Château Barbé has an incredible sun exposure, meaning that grapes ripe earlier than those on the other Bayle Carreau properties. This soil is extremely well-suited to winegrowing and the impeccably-kept vineyard is a fine example of sustainable viticulture.

Photo gallery: Nir Aviv Shapir